New Appointment System

From 1st June 2019 we are changing our appointment system to enable us to manage demand more effectively and safely. GP Surgeries form part of primary care and over the last few years many additional services have been introduced in primary care outside of the GP surgery. Not everyone is aware of these services, how to access them or where they are.  Our receptionists have been trained as patient navigators to enable them to assist patients to access these services. Getting you to the right help the first time. This may even save you a visit to the doctor and can fit around your busy schedules.

No one will be left without the care they need and it doesn’t mean you won’t be seen by a doctor.

Our patient navigators will take a short history, necessary for the doctor if he/she calls you down for an appointment. They will suggest the most appropriate service for your condition. This might be the pharmacy, our pharmacist, LIVI,  the website, extended access or Physio First. If these are inappropriate for your condition/symptoms, they will put you in for a telephone call with your usual GP or the duty doctor. The duty doctor will call you back and if able to deal with over the phone, they will do so. If more complex and they need to see you they will give you an appointment the same day. If they feel they need longer than 10 minutes, they will book a longer appointment.

For those people with long term conditions reliant on a third party for transport, they will offer an advanced booking.