I think I need to see a Doctor, what do I do?

Can I treat myself?

See if the “Wellbeing Centre” or “Treatment Room” boxes can help answer your questions

You can also access telephone advice 24 hours a day by dialing:  111
or visit NHS 111 online: 111.nhs.uk

If you have Covid symptoms dial: 119

Need more advice?

Advice on minor ailments and emergency repeat prescriptions can be given by your local Pharmacy.

Our local Pharmacies are:

I work or find it difficult to wait for the GP to call, what do I do?

You can download the LIVI App www.livi.co.uk and arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you, this may be in a lunch break or at home later in the day. LIVI are available up to 10pm 7 days a week.

What are my options when all the appointments have gone for the day or the practice is closed?

Your local Walk-in Centres are: