Change Personal Details

If your new address is outside the area covered by our practice you will need to register with another GP in your new area.

Please bring a copy of marriage certificate or deed poll to the surgery to confirm your change of name within 7 days.

We will inform Primary Care Support England as we are obliged to do in these circumstances and they will automatically deduct you from our list within 30 days of notification.

If you require a list of doctors’ surgeries in your area, please contact:

Primary Care Support England
3 Caxton Road
Telephone: 01772 221444

Change of name or address

Change of name or address

Please select the information you are wanting to update?

Change of Name

If your name has changed due to Marriage or by Deed Poll, can you please provide us with a copy of the appropriate document (requirement of Department of Health).
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Change of Address

Only if they are registered at this practice.

Update Contact Numbers

Would you have any objection to being reminded by text for appointments?
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