I think I need to see a doctor, what do I do?

Can I treat myself?

See if the “Wellbeing Centre” or “Treatment Room” can help answer your questions

You can also access advice 24 hours a day by visiting NHS 111 online or dialing 111

If you have covid symptoms dial 119

Need more advice?

Advice on minor ailments and emergency repeat prescriptions can be given by your local Pharmacy.

Our local Pharmacies are:

If neither of the above can help:

  • Go to “Reception” followed by “Get Help for any Health Problem”
  • Complete the form and we will put you in for a triage call with the most appropriate clinical member of our team.

I don’t have internet access or struggle to use it, What do I do?

Call the practice on 01932 220524

It may take some time to get through but we will help you.

I don’t have a phone or struggle using a phone, what do I do?

Come down to the practice and our reception staff will help you access the care you need.

I work or find it difficult to wait for the GP to call, what do I do?

You can download the LIVI App www.livi.co.uk and arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you, this may be in a lunch break or at home later in the day. LIVI are available up to 10pm 7 days a week.

What are my options when all the appointments have gone for the day or the practice is closed?

  • Use the website information rooms
  • Try your local Pharmacy
  • Request an appointment using LIVI
  • Visit a local Walk-in Centre

Your local Walk-in Centres are:

You can also download this information as a flyer to print off for your reference.

Download the ‘I think I need to see a Doctor’ flyer.