Training Practice

We are a teaching practice, approved by the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Deanery. We have fully qualified doctors working under supervision to prepare them for a career in general practice. The doctors, may be here for a year or more, or they may be here for a four-month period and known as a GP registrar or a ST2/ST3 Doctor.

Dr Rogers and Dr Sidhu are trainers for ST2/ST3 Registrars

As part of their training these doctors need to keep a video diary of some consultations so that they can go through them with their tutors. Participation is optional and patients will always be asked for consent. This is a very valuable tool for new doctors wanting to improve their consulting techniques.

For those patients who have consented previously we would thank you for your help towards improving the next generation of doctors.

Our current Registrars

ST3 Dr Victoria Hodge ST3 Dr Chetan Shori