Practice Team

Practice Manager / Assistant Practice Managers

Mrs Caroline Self, our Practice Manager, deals with all the financial and staffing aspects of the practice along with current legislation and government directives.

Daisy Bunce, our Assistant Manager – IT, keeps our systems running and is responsible for the website. Her role includes that of Privacy Officer and along with Dr Kullar is responsible for the security of information and data.

Kristy Taylor, our Assistant Manager – Admin, deals with claims and government returns, liaises with our Team Leaders and will help you with any enquiries regarding non-medical aspects of your health or treatment, including complaints.

Team Leaders

Sandra O’Brien, our Head Receptionist, is responsible for the reception and administration staff. If you have any concerns, please speak to her in the first instance.

Nina Jaffer, is responsible for staffing rotas and induction of new staff.

Jackie Elliott, is responsible for the coders and scanners who process all the letters and communications received from our allied healthcare professionals.


Lynda Ward, our secretary, will assist you with queries relating to referrals.

Administrative & Reception Staff

Administrative staff and Secretaries will deal with your enquiries and requests as efficiently as possible whilst respecting your confidentiality. Our reception staff are happy to make/cancel appointments, take requests for home visits and give out test results.

When giving test results, they will only be able to read the comment made by the doctor. They are unable to give out specific details and we would ask you to respect this as they are not medically trained.

Attached Staff

These members of staff are not directly employed by us but nevertheless form an important part of the team that provides medical services.