Clinics and Services

We offer a range of services including the below. For more information,please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic.

If you would like to attend any of the below clinics, please visit our Consulting Room.


If you are under 65 your doctor will refer you to the nurse to have an ECG if he/she feels it is appropriate.

Routine ECG’s are available for patients over who are currently not suffering from Artial Fibrillation but are over 65.

Ear Syringing & Microsuction

You will need to put olive oil in the affected ear for 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment.

Micro suction is available through referral by a GP. Please request a referral.

APBM (24 Hour BP Monitoring)

A GP or nurse will refer you for this service.

Minor Ops

A GP will refer you for this service.


Drs Sidhu and Mogford will undertake an assessment of pigmented lesions (moles) and refer where necessary to dermatology. If you are concerned, please book an appointment with one of them.


If you have unusual swelling, pain or heat in your leg you should make an immediately necessary appointment with a GP and they will undertake a DVT assessment..

These symptoms need an urgent assessment, call to make an appointment now. If we are closed, please call our “Out of Hours” provider on 111


We initiate and monitor your warfarin, if applicable you will be referred to this service.

Wound care

Our nurses undertake complex wound care comprising of compression bandaging. In addition they will dress wounds and remove sutures and clips. This service is also available in our extended access clinics at weekends and in the evenings.


We offer a phlebotomy service each morning Monday to Friday.This service is also available in our extended access clinics at weekends.


If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please complete our Contraceptive Pill Review form.

To find out more about contraception, please visit

Public Health Checks

These checks are available for patients aged 40 – 74 who do not currently have a long term medical condition.

Ring Pessary

A GP will refer you for this service.

Diabetes Checks

As part of the on-going management of your diabetes, we are responsible legally for ensuring the medication we prescribe is still correct for your condition. We will therefore ask you to do the following:

In the month of your birth, complete the Diabetic Assessment which can be found in the Health Review and Assessment room.

You will then be asked to attend four appointments a year.


Please view our pre-diabetes information leaflet for more information.

Appointment 1 – Phlebotomy appointment 10 minutes in the month of your birth

Please ask reception to make a 10 minute Phlebotomy appointment (this is slightly longer than usual as we will take a blood sample and dip your urine). Please bring a urine sample with you for this appointment. We cannot accept blood results from elsewhere as this is our duty of care.

Appointment 2 – Nurse Appointment – this will be made for you at your first appointment

The healthcare assistant will then make you an appointment with the diabetic nurse when all your results will be to hand, usually a week later. This is when your foot check will be carried out and you will have an opportunity to discuss your results, current treatment and any concerns you may have.

Appointment 3 – Phlebotomy appointment 5 minutes six months after your birth month

Please ask reception to book a 5 minute routine blood test to measure your HBA1C

Appointment 4 – Nurse Appointment

The Healthcare Assistant will book this at your blood test appointment


A nurse will undertake this test as part of your annual COPD review which should be booked in your birth month.


Our nurses undertake a range of vaccinations and injections including the following but not limited to: Zoladex/Prostrap/Depo/Denosumab/Flu/Pneumococcal/B12

Some travel vaccinations are available on the NHS, however, some are chargeable. Please fill in the travel questionnaire.

Cervical Screening

This service is available for females aged 25 – 64 and forms part of the national screening programme you should receive an invitation. Screening is done every 3 years to the age of 49 and then every 5 years until the age of 64.

Baby & Childhood Imms

These should be booked with the nurse in accordance with the NHS schedule.


This service is available for females aged 50 – 70 and forms part of the national screening programme you should receive an invitation. Screening is done every 3 years.

Women over 70 can continue to have mammograms if they choose by self referring.

Find out more about the Breast Care Service.

Smoking Cessation Advice

This service is provided through Thrive Tribe you will find details in the Wellbeing Centre.

Rheumatology/Drug Monitoring

A GP will undertake this review.

Mental Health Reviews

You can submit a review which will be looked at by one of our GP’s.

Extended Access

You can access a GP outside of our core hours (08.00 – 18.30) at any of the North West Surrey Practices offering this service. Our nearest practices are Sunbury and Studholme. Appointments are available up to 20:00 and at weekends.

View our Extended Access Hours.


If you have a new on set symptom relating to a musculoskeletal condition, you can book an initial assessment using our physio first service. This is available in our extended Access clinic and is bookable through reception.

Bowel Screening

This service is available for everyone aged 55 and over and forms part of the national screening programme you should receive an invitation.

Diabetic Eye Screening

This service is available for diabetic patients aged 12 and over and forms part of the national screening programme you should receive an invitation.