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Thrive Tribe

Thrive Tribe are an award-winning healthy lifestyle provider who deliver a wide range of programmes across England, including.


Telephone: 01737 652168

Smokefree Surrey Alliance

The Smokefree Surrey Alliance is a strategic group who are responsible for the delivery and development of the strategy action plan.



Quit with help

Everyone has a different reason for quitting, get a personalised Quit Smoking Plan.


Stop Smoking Clinics

Boots Pharmacy – 9 High Street, Shepperton, Surrey, TW17 9AJ
Telephone: 01932 223719

Trio Pharmacy – 19-21 High Street, Shepperton, Middlesex, TW17 9AJ
Telephone: 01932 225900

One You – Quit Smoking

PHE information, advice and resources on quitting smoking